Automobile elevators are characterized by high strength and durability combined with high service reliability.

Elevators of this model are characterized by a smooth and noiseless running when moving passengers and automobiles with a total weight of up to 6000 kg.

Elevators are designed for use in car parks, as well as in industrial and commercial buildings.

Major advantages:

  • bump stop in the cabin (rubber, wooden, stainless steel)

  • automatic evacuation system with power failure

  • overload indicator (light or sound signal)

  • two control panels (for walk-through cabins)

  • two-way telephone system on the control panel of the cabin

  • recessed fluorescent lighting fixtures

  • infrared curtain

  • remote control capability

  • automatically doors with VVVF frequency converter

  • speed of 0.63 m / s

  • high accuracy of stopping on the floor (when using an electronically controlled valve block)

  • the possibility of installing a reinforced door threshold, depending on the carrying capacity.