Cottage elevators are very different from the usual serial passenger elevators in that the customer can choose or make a cabin and doors to his taste. Such elevators are easily installed even in a cottage where the elevator was not originally designed. Free space 1.5 by 1.5 meters in the house will be enough to install it.

Finishing the cottage elevator, can be executed in any style, which is very important for the interior decoration of your house.


• Saving space above the elevator shaft, that is, the machine room is located at a distance of up to 6.0 m from the elevator shaft.

• Ability to install an elevator in the presence of only one capital wall of the building.

• Ability to install an elevator in a limited building space.

• Workloads of the elevator are not transferred to the structure of the building, but are accepted by the floor of the pit.

• Noiseless operation, smooth running of the cabin and high stop accuracy.

• Low power consumption.