Small freight elevators have a compact form and designed to move small goods. These elevators can have a lifting capacity from 50 to 250 kg.

They have different finishes and arbitrary dimensions of the cabin. Small freight elevators are widely used in restaurants, cafes, shops, shopping centers, administrative institutions and for private use in residential buildings.


The quality of our elevators guarantees the highest reliability, safety and compliance with all standards and requirements.

Elevators are easy to install and operate, can be with the upper and lower engine room and various types of door opening.

We can offer two kinds of small freight elevators:

At waist height 

The elevator is installed at waist height of the person so that users can use the system most conveniently for loading/unloading finished products. 

This elevator is most suitable for dining rooms, restaurants, cottages and similar establishments.

The equipment provides users convenient and fast delivery of linen, cookware, food and drinks.

At ground level 

The dumbwaiter is installed at the ground level, so it is convenient to load and unload goods with a trolley. Transportation of medical instruments in clinics and hospitals. Products in factories, shops, warehouses and coin money in banks.

Standard factory equipment:

  • The cabin and doors are made of stainless, painted and ground steel;

  • Ability to install shelves in the cabin;

  • Depending on the type of elevator, the doors may be:

  • Vertical sliding with one or two leaflets;

  • Swing type;

  • Cabin position indicator;

  • Keypad control panel;

  • Interphone (intercom device between floors);

  • Control station.

Speed from 0.13 to 0.5 m/s.