Escalator is a lifting and transporting machine in the form of a ladder with moving steps inclined 30-35° to the horizon for moving people from one level to another.

Stair steps are usually attached to a closed circuit, which is driven by an electric motor through a reducer.

Escalators are distributed at metro stations, railway stations, in large trade establishments, in underground passages.

Sometimes escalators are used on slopes in cities with complex terrain as an alternative to a funicular.


The travelator is a moving passenger conveyor (stepless track), which allows to accelerate or facilitate the movement of pedestrians.


Travelators are usually equipped with large shopping complexes, airports, train stations, exhibition complexes. Travelators are built as inclined (that is, as a replacement for escalators), and horizontal (because of this, the use of travelators is wider than escalators).

The inclined travelator has a significant plus - because of the lack of steps it is much more convenient and easier to move with a child and wheelchair or food cart.


The lack of steps also generates a lack of a travelator - its inclination cannot be steep enough, unlike an escalator.

The application of the latest technology allows to achieve a smoother movement, start-up and braking, significantly save energy.


Equipment of this type is placed in places of large traffic of people. This avoids unnecessary congestion of people, fuss and turmoil.

Moving tracks are usually installed in airports, shopping centers, metro, offices, hotels. They are intended only for transporting people.


  • functional design combined with a wide choice of parameters and equipment models create an exceptionally attractive image that fits perfectly into any interior.

  • an ideal solution for airports, subways, shopping centers, hotel complexes, office buildings

  • long service life

  • noiseless and reliable operation

  • quick and easy installation, easy maintenance.